FOLLOWING in the successful hooves of Diesel the Donkey, book fans will be delighted to know 'Diesel the Donkey and the Big Cake' will be launched on March 1.

Written by Cardigan author Anwen Francis and illustrated by Pembrokeshire artist Mandie Davies, the book follows Diesel, the donkey with the longest ears in Wales, on an adventure of a lifetime.

Anwen, a former Cardigan Secondary School pupil is well-known for her Siani the Shetland series, Y Rali Fawr for car enthusiasts and will soon be publishing a novel for eight to 10-year-old pony mad girls.

"It’s like a whirlwind, an enjoyable one at that. Being on lockdown and lack of horse shows has meant time home writing, experimenting and gaining a greater audience on social media channels. It’s been great and I hope children, parents and grandparents will enjoy this second novel,’ said Anwen, a freelance reporter and translator.

The book, edited by Jackie Biggs and printed by EL Jones the Printers in Cardigan town, will see Diesel taking a huge liking to Mrs Bucket-Jones’s wedding cake. He falls in love and gets stranded on Patch beach where he’s air-lifted to safety.

"The novel is based in Cardigan and the surroundings areas – Patch beach, where I spent a lot of my childhood; Cenarth and its famous cheese and Cardigan Island as they fly past the Cliff Hotel. And why go any further when Cardigan has so much to offer?’ said mum-of-two Anwen.

Anwen has used Aberaeron designer Gary Evans for the cover and carrots from Lucy Jones at the Veg POD Llysiau near Newcastle Emlyn.

"It’s really important that I keep everything local, so I use a local artist, a local editor, a local designer and printers," added Anwen.

"This time, I’ve also used Sophie Griffiths, a local cake maker from Cottage Bakes who made the cake for the cover. The book might have an international appeal but it’s all about local, small businesses supporting each other, especially during lockdown."

She added: "The first in the Diesel series has proved to be very popular and has sold across the globe – to Canada, Minnesota, Auckland and New Zealand. I’m just delighted and the hours and weeks of work has really paid off."

Books can be purchased at Awen Teifi, Cardigan or directly from Anwen and signed by the author –