CUSTOMERS and workers at food and drink establishments across Ceredigion are being reminded to wear face coverings.

Ceredigion County Council’s public protection team has issued several premises improvement notices to businesses for failure to comply with the face covering requirement. Failure to comply may lead to businesses being closed and possible prosecution.

A council spokesperson said: "It is important that we all take the necessary steps to safeguard public health during the pandemic, this includes staff working at food establishments in the area.

"Whenever reasonable, each member of staff must wear a face covering and must always do so in indoor public areas unless they are exempt from doing so.

"It is a legal requirement to wear a face covering in all indoor public places. This includes on public transport and taxis, and in places where food and drink is served, except when you are seated to eat or drink. This applies to everyone aged 11 and over, including staff working at these indoor public areas and to members of the public entering those areas, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

"For the purposes of the coronavirus restrictions legislation, indoor public areas do not just include those areas to which the public have access, they also include areas behind counters where air flow is unrestricted with the public area.

"Staff working in an indoor public area and not wearing a mask, without a reasonable excuse, will be seen as breaching these requirements.

"To protect yourself, your customers, their families, and our community – wear a face covering."