NEW Quay RNLI’s coxswain Daniel Potter has presented local boy Steffan Williams with the highly prestigious gold Blue Peter badge for assisting in two rescues three years ago.

Steffan had written to the BBC children’s programme last year telling them what had happened in the last week of his summer school holidays in 2017 when he twice rescued people stuck on the rocks.

The badge is the show’s highest accolade and famous recipients include the Queen and Sir David Attenborough.

Only a handful of gold badges are presented each year to outstanding individuals who are considered to be inspiring to the nation’s children.

Steffan, a year 7 Ysgol Bro Teifi pupil, said: “I was only eight years old when I rescued people from the rocks.

“The first time was with my kayak and dingy in the day but the second time that week was more dangerous and serious when I found two boys stuck on the same rocks but it was getting dark quickly and the tide was rising fast.

“They were cold and hungry and supposed to be back with their parents in their caravan but had no battery left on their mobiles to ask for help. So I went back to the pier and told my parents and we called 999 and asked for the Coastguard. The lifeboat was launched and got them to safety.

“I am so shocked and really proud to receive the Blue Peter Gold badge as it’s so special. It’s even better to receive it from my hero Daniel Potter as when I am 17 I want to join the crew and then work towards being the youngest coxswain in the UK.”

A Blue Peter spokesperson said, “For Steffan’s quick thinking, bravery and for helping others we’re awarding him our highest honour which is a Gold Blue Peter Badge.”

“We are very proud of Steffan. He did the right thing and called for help for the young boys stuck on the rocks. He is a lifeboat crewman in the making. Remember if you are in trouble or see anyone in difficulty call 999 and ask for the Coastguard,” said Dan.