THE coronavirus pandemic is tough for everyone, but older people have the added anxiety of knowing that for them the risks of catching Covid-19 are higher.

Life is extremely challenging for many cooped up for month after month in their own homes. Fears of the virus, loss of mental and physical capacity, loneliness and isolation, and an inability to grieve as normal for those they have lost are affecting many older people.

Age Cymru Dyfed is committed to running a Winter Resilience Campaign to help the older population and is asking everyone in the Tivyside region to rally round the older people in our lives, to ensure they take steps to keep themselves as fit and well as possible.

A spokesperson said: “This pandemic has hit the fast forward button on ageing for millions of older people. Helping them to get through this winter demands a collective effort and the right policies and support from Government, especially for those who are shielding, self-isolating or who lack a strong network of family and friends.

“Age Cymru Dyfed is urging everyone to stick together and not to forget the many older people who are still struggling and who face many challenges this winter.”

Advice for the elderly:

Have a flu vaccination every year – the new vaccine introduced this year for people aged 65+ has an agent which helps boost the immune system and helps fight illnesses.

Keep moving and eat well – try not to sit still for more than one hour at a time, even if you just move your arms and legs. If you can, stay active. Not only will it keep you fit and healthy, it will also generate heat to keep you warmer.

If you are struggling with big meals try eating little and often. Something is better than nothing, even if the only thing you fancy is a slice of cake. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids too.

Contact your GP about any health concerns - if you feel unwell and you need to speak to a health professional please do. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in fewer people accessing NHS services for a range of conditions that are not related to coronavirus. Be reassured that you won’t be a burden on the NHS and your GP will be able to help you.

Keep warm to stay well – heat your living room and your bedroom to a temperature that feels comfortable. Draw curtains in the evening to prevent heat loss, and tuck long curtains behind radiators so that heat isn’t trapped.

Keep radiators and heaters clear of furniture and washing so the warm air can circulate and if there are rooms that are not in use turn off the radiators and heaters and close the doors. Use heating controls and timers to heat your home without wasting energy.

Call Age Cymru Dyfed befriending services to help combat any feelings of loneliness - call direct on 07572630797.

Winter-proof your finances - darker nights and cold weather often mean higher bills, plus the festive season can put a strain on your pocket. Age Cymru Dyfed has some important information on how to get your home and your finances ready for winter – ask for a free Benefit Entitlement Check

For Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion or Pembrokeshire call Aberystwyth 01970 615151; Cardigan 01239 615777 or Llanelli 01554 784080 or email