A SURVEY is being carried out to gather views on the safe zone introduced in Cardigan in a bid to ensure social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ceredigion County Council wants to gain feedback on the town centre pedestrian safe zones introduced back in July in Cardigan, New Quay, Aberystwyth and Aberaeron.

The zones will be suspended during the current two-week fire-break lockdown introduced by Welsh Government and a further announcement will be made on whether they will continue before November 9.

A Ceredigion council spokesperson said: “We’d like you to tell us what worked well, things that didn’t and what would need to be developed to frame proposals for future improvements within our towns.

“The current safe zones were created under emergency powers due to the need to ensure public safety from coronavirus infection during the re-opening of the town centres.

“The council introduced a range of measures to help people to maintain social distances. This included reducing vehicle access between 11am to 6pm to increase the space for pedestrians to safely visit the town centres.

“The views of the businesses, residents and visitors to these town centres are important to us. They will help us identify, collect the views of what people would like and help to inform and shape the future of our town centres.”

Share your views online on the council’s consultations page at www.ceredigion.gov.uk/consultations or call 01545 570881. The survey is open from October 26 until December 21.

A spokesperson for ‘We Say No to Cardigan Town Traffic Diversion’, said: “While the suspension of the Cardigan traffic diversion is a relief, it is long overdue.

“Residents, traders and frequent users of the town centre have had to put up with three months of disruption, noise and heavy traffic on a diversion route that is both dangerous and completely unsuitable for such a scheme.

“Clearly the county council has the power to reinstate the safe zones scheme at any point over the next 16 months so we need assurances that it won't happen again on our residential streets.

“We still need better signage outside the town directing heavy traffic to use the bypass and we need our High Street back as soon as possible. It is far more than just a shopping street and a place for visitors to enjoy coffee - it is the beating heart of our community and a lifeline for many.

“In the meantime, residents are still unclear about Ceredigion County Council's longer term objectives. There have already been subtle changes, such as the blocking off of Pendre car park and plans to make College Row and Bathhouse Road one-way, all with no explanation.

“We're hoping the impending consultation will allow room for authentic comment but fear it may essentially be a loaded questionnaire.

“The fire-break measures may (ironically) offer a brief glimmer of light, but long-term we're still pretty much in the dark. What we must do at this point is engage as fully as we can with any survey or consultation on offer and do all we can to make our voices heard. This is our town and it's essential we have a say in its future.”