A REPORT showing the impact of the coronavirus on Ceredigion’s economy points to a huge rise in unemployment.

And that rise has been especially high among younger people.

Towards the end of August, there had been a 146 per cent increase in the number of people claiming unemployment-related benefits since the beginning of March (to 2,045), and a 165 per cent increase in those between 18 and 24.

The full impacts are still emerging, as governments at all levels are having to continue to introduce measures to protect the population from the virus.

Ceredigion County Council has compiled the report which sets out the emerging impact of coronavirus on the economy in the county.

The report summarises the current known impact on the Ceredigion economy, outlines the support measures that have been introduced, and sets out the measures currently being planned and implemented.

A council spokesperson said: “The impact of the coronavirus on the economy of Ceredigion is likely to be significant. The council will need to fully consider how it can use its resources and assets, alongside its stakeholders to support businesses and individuals to adjust.

“The challenges facing the economy of Ceredigion are therefore significant, and co-ordinated efforts will be required. This includes working with partners in Governments at all levels to enable the economy to adjust and recover by building on new opportunities that enable the aspirations of the people of Ceredigion to be met.”

The Impact of Coronavirus on the Economy of Ceredigion report will go before the Thriving Communities Scrutiny Committee on October 22.