CAMPAIGNERS are stepping up their bid launched to introduce a 20mph speed limit on a busy Cardigan road following several ‘near misses’.

The new limit would cover the St Dogmaels road from Cardigan through to the Ceredigion/Pembrokeshire boundary at St Dogmaels itself.

And in a separate move, a further ’20 is plenty’ campaign has been started in St Dogmaels to cover the main road through the village and then out to Poppit Sands.

Regarding the first proposal, campaigner Tim Tagg told a meeting of Cardigan Town Council that he had received around 40 responses to the idea for a 20mph speed limit from GT Tyres to just past Glebelands Market Garden.

Mr Tagg said “We believe action needs to be taken now, to increase safety and avert serious accidents, as the number of reported ‘near misses’ is increasing.

“We seek a move to 20 mph so local residents of all ages can benefit from safe exercise and travel on calmer streets, such as we enjoyed during lockdown. Other benefits include reduced pollution from car exhaust fumes and reduced traffic noise.

“Spring Gardens has an unsafe lack of pavements and inadequate separation from traffic in many places. In sections our pavements ‘disappear’.

“Yet, as a route to thriving tourist destinations, the sheer volume of traffic now using the road as a conduit to reach the beautiful blue flag beach at Poppit and Cardigan/Aberteifi is overwhelming our infrastructure.

“This road was originally designed for those on foot, for horse and cart or a tiny proportion of much smaller vehicles. A 30mph speed limit is no longer fit for purpose and is frequently disregarded by speeding motorists in any case.

“Covid has stimulated a phenomenal boost in excess staycation traffic this year. We believe the combination of the coronavirus, impending deep worldwide recession and uncertainties of Brexit mean it is highly likely the overwhelming seasonal influx will continue or even grow.

“20 mph in residential areas across Wales will be the norm from 2023. On July 15 the final report of the Welsh 20mph Task Force Group was published. The recommendations were immediately endorsed by the Senedd, who have approved a national move across Wales to make 20 mph the basic default speed limit on ‘restricted roads’.

“The report states the evidence is already clear and proven. It is therefore clear there are avoidable risks right now. We would like to move early to protect our community.

“The hard and fast facts are that for people on foot who are hit by a car: at under 20mph one in 10 will die; at 30mph five in 10 will die; at 38/40 mph nine in 10 will die

“Our aim is to secure agreement to fast-track the introduction of a 20mph speed limit.”

Cllr Yve O’Neiil said: “It’s an excellent idea as sometimes you are taking your life in your hands along there where there is no pavement.”

Cllr Catrin Miles added: “I know local people who have been clipped along here and I am happy to support the idea.”

Cllr Graham Evans agreed, though he added that there was a need for either speed cameras or traffic police monitoring to enforce any speed limit, otherwise it would not work.

Cardigan Town Council agreed to back the call.

Meanwhile, villagers at St Dogmaels also want to see the 20mph limit imposed through the village and along to Poppit Sands.

A spokesperson for the campaign said: “It seems ridiculous that the designated coast path runs for part along the road where it is a 60mph limit.

“Families and children walk along this section and it cannot be right.”

St Dogmaels Community Council has supported the idea of a 20mph speed limit within the village boundaries and has agreed to contact Pembrokeshire County Council, along with regard to what could be done to improve safety on the B4546 between St Dogmaels and Poppit, including a possible reduction in the speed limit.

The community council is also keen to promote the formation of a village Speedwatch group.