A NEW micro-brewery is being planned for the outskirts of Cardigan.

Plans have been submitted to Ceredigion County Council planners for the new business at the Old Coal Yard, Gwbert.

If approved, the brewery would employ two full-time and one part-time member of staff.

The application states: The proposal is to create a space for the installation of an eight-15 barrel (1,300-2,400 litre) microbrewery.

“The new brewery will incorporate the existing Ceredigion-based Penlon Brewery, which has been trading and manufacturing from its current site since 2014 and has been trading in Ceredigion since 2004, but has now outgrown the facility.

“The new Coal Yard location provides a multi-purpose manufacturing space enabling the next stage of development for the brewery.

“We anticipate this will lead to the onward development of a sustainable existing Ceredigion brand as well as new brands.”

The new facility would feature on-site brewing, fermentation and maturation of ales, lager and stouts; casking, bottling and preparation for onward bottling of the beers and storage.

Brewery waste would be stored in an underground tank and would be emptied twice a year by a specialist contractor.

Cardigan Town Council was supportive of the plans when it discussed them but concerns were raised about the access and an increase in the amount of traffic going to and from the site.

Cllr Catrin Miles said: “There is a problem with the pavement there and you have to cross the road to the other side. Could perhaps the pavement be improved as part of the application?”

Cllr Morwenna Richards added: "If it brings jobs to the area, that is a good thing."