A NEW drainage system near Cardigan will improve flood risk prevention, Ceredigion councillors were told - despite local concerns to the contrary.

New houses approved near Cardigan will now have a sustainable drainage system at Llwynpiod Farm developed following permission being granted by Ceredigion planning committee on September 9.

An underground detention basin with the capacity to hold around 48,000 litres and a hydro-brake system, along with other drainage provision made on the housing developments directly, were outlined at the meeting.

The water was not discharged directly into the River Mwldan, the committee was reminded by planning officers.

Local member Cllr John Adams-Lewis refused delegated approval due to concerns about flooding to the Mwldan and said he wanted it recorded that he opposed the plan “because of the threat of additional floods.”

He highlighted flooding issues on nearby Tregibby Lane and a risk of “devastation” along with the “pinch point” of Gwbert Bridge, which the committee agreed needed to be discussed but was not part of this application.

Cllr Dafydd Edwards highlighted the scheme’s prediction that green field run-off would be reduced from five litres a second to 3.7 litres during a once in 100 year storm would “improve the situation, it will not deteriorate it.”

This was echoed by other councillors, and the planning officer recommendation for approval, and the application was approved.

The drainage scheme had been opposed by Cardigan Town Council and following the meeting, Cllr Adams-Lewis said: "I was disappointed at all members wanting to approve Llwynpiod’s application - except for one abstention.

"As for the engineer’s report, no-one can guarantee that no extra water fill flow into the Mwldan - creating further worry and misery to many, as experienced many times in the past.

"As far as I am concerned, the only long-term answer was to direct the water down to enter the Mwldan on the downside of Gwbert Road bridge, where it would then flow into the £8m tunnel."