PLANS for a One Planet Development and change of use from forestry to residential at Flatwood, Newcastle Emlyn, have been deferred by Carmarthenshire planners.

The application site comprises a woodland area approximately 500m to the south east of the centre Cenarth.

The proposal is centred around the applicant’s experience of woodland management and skills to create wood products including Windsor or Welsh stick chairs, stools, yurts, beds, timber framed buildings and including charcoal and firewood, all derived from the woodland itself.

The proposals include various structures including feed store (for hay in relation to the working horses and other foodstuffs), sawmill shelter, polytunnel, barn/workshop (multifunctional space for timber framing, timber processing, running courses, fine woodworking and stores for sawn timber), livestock shed, forge/metalshop and pottery and dwelling

It is intended that an existing shipping container will be used as temporary accommodation for the family to enable them to reside on the property while they erect the dwelling.

The submitted documentation specifies that within five years, 76 per cent of the applicant and his family’s basic food needs will be met from food produced directly from the land (53%) and food purchased using income generated from the land based activity (23%).

In relation to the land based business initiatives proposed, the applicant already has a business, Weight-London Woodcraft that produces a variety of products, working mainly to commission including chairs, beds, timber framed buildings, yurts and shepherds huts, doors and window frames, hand dovetail drawers, bowls, stools, greenwood furniture, firewood and charcoal. In addition, educational services are also offered including green woodwork courses, tree felling and woodland work, carpentry and joinery, timber frame building design.

It is intended that the products and services on offer would extend further should planning permission be granted.

Officers recommended acceptance of the scheme but the planning committee deferred a decision for further information.