DO you love exploring the rocky shore, searching for seaweeds, counting crabs or peering at periwinkles?

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales’ (WTSWW) is now resuming activities with volunteers and is looking for marine enthusiasts to assist with Shoresearch surveys.

Shoresearch is The Wildlife Trusts' national citizen science survey of the intertidal shore, the world of extremes where the sea meets the land.

The aim of the user-friendly surveys is to collect information on the seaweed and animals that call this every ever-changing environment their home.

The team is conducting Shoresearch surveys as part of the Living Seas Wales Project, a collaboration launched in 2018 between WTSWW and North Wales Wildlife Trust (NWWT), funded thanks to the players of The People’s Postcode Lottery and The National Heritage Lottery Fund.

“Volunteers have been delving into shores teeming with wildlife from anemones, to limpets and dog whelks since 2019” says Laura Evans, Living Seas Wales project officer.

"Unfortunately, our survey work had to be put on hold due to COVID-19 but now we need passionate volunteers to help with Shoresearch once more.”

You don’t need a background in marine biology to become involved. The Trust’s Living Seas experts provide online training sessions, resources and support for all volunteers.

Dr Sarah Perry, Living Seas manager said: “The data you collect will help us to monitor our fragile sea life, better understand the effects of pollution and climate change and can inform marine conservation decisions at both local and national levels.”

Want to become involved? Contact Laura Evans at or call 01545 560224.