CANFAS art galley has celebrated its first anniversary in Cardigan by producing a fun art activity book for children.

The gallery at Grosvenor Hill has an ethos to promote the arts and has found working with children in its workshops as one of the highlights.

And gallery bosses felt there should be something that would reflect all those fantastic qualities and nurture a love of art too.

Gallery manager Anne Cakebread - who also drew and created the best-selling ‘Teach Your Dog Welsh’ books - and her colleague and ex-teaching assistant Claire Wigley have produced a 40-page book full of handy tips, quizzes and of course art activities that will bring the Picasso out in all of us, adults included.

Anne said: “We wanted to do something special for our first anniversary but because of the pandemic this was not going to be possible in the way we had hoped.

“We are also no longer able to run any of our education workshops or talks, so we wanted to create something to fill that void’.

Both Claire and Anne felt that it was important to make a book that people could use both in the gallery and at home - and had a Cardigan twist.

So the booklet not only lets you practice your drawing, it also ties in with the history of the castle and its Welsh roots.

“We felt there was a group who were amazing, embraced the lockdown no matter how hard they found it and missed out on a big chunk of their fun time - the children - so this book is for them,” added Claire.

Canfas activity book is available exclusively from the gallery for £10 and has information on cartooning, tonal drawing, colour, line and shape plus colouring in and dot to dot among its other activities, perfect for a rainy day in West Wales.