DOG owners have been warned of the danger of adders biting their pets.

Two dogs were recently brought to Cardigan-based Priory Vets after being bitten by adders on the coastal path between Newquay and Aberaeron.

“Their owners acted quickly and brought the dogs straight to the surgery, where they received emergency treatment,” said the surgery.

“This prompt action definitely improved their chances of making a full recovery, and this morning we are happy to say they were both well enough to return home. “

Pet owners are being urged to be vigilant when walking on cliff paths and sandy dunes. Dogs are particularly at risk of adder bites because of their curious nature.

Adders are a relatively common sight on the Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire coastal path, while there are also warning signs posted at the dunes at Poppit Sands, highlighting that it is an adder area.

The signs advise that if you spot an adder you should: "Stop, step back - and smile!"

The Amphibian and Reptile Groups of the UK (ARG UK) is working to raise awareness of the snake and ARG UK’s project, ‘Adders are Amazing’, aims to change public attitudes towards the reptile, which is often seen in a negative light, due to being the UK’s only venomous snake.

It has been working alongside Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority to raise awareness of the species,

However, the adder is undergoing a national decline due to loss of habitat, with concerns they may become extinct in the coming decades if something isn’t done to help them.

They are classed as an endangered species and are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is illegal to kill, injure or sell them.

If think your dog has been bitten by an adder:

  • Contact a vet straight away. Priory Vets has a vet on call 24/7. Its number is 01239 612479
  • Carry your pet if possible, this will help reduce the venom spreading
  • Keep your pet warm (but not too warm) and as quiet as possible
  • Do not attempt any first aid as this can do more harm than good