A CARDIGAN town councillor has taken to social media in a bid to combat the problem with vandals at the Welsh Wildlife Centre at Cilgerran.

The Teifi marshes nature reserve is being plagued by anti-social behaviour and now Cllr Steffan Morgan has urged people to report any problems to police or local councillors.

He said: “I have received a number of telephone calls and messages asking if there is anything that we as a Town Council can do about these issues. Unfortunately. there is nothing that we can do.

“Given the layout of the wildlife park, it would be impossible to police. The wildlife park and wetlands are an open space for all to enjoy, for exercise, picnics or simply watching wildlife. It’s something that we as a town are extremely lucky and proud to have on our doorsteps and within walking distance from the town centre.

“To instal CCTV cameras everywhere would not only be extremely costly but would take away from that feeling of escapism that the wildlife park lends itself.

“In recent months we heard shocking news of bird hides being burnt down. We now see posts of youths playing loud music, drinking and taking drugs in the hides, abusing passers-by whilst out for walks with their families,

“I have personally been subject to verbal abuse whilst cycling through the wildlife park. I’ll be the first to agree that I don’t look very athletic in lycra, however, I don’t wish to be reminded of that by a gang of foul-mouthed teenagers.

“But what's more shocking is that we’ve heard of youths setting ponies free out of fields and chasing after them, throwing stones at water buffalo. This behaviour is just totally unacceptable. I’m glad to say that I don’t know a single person who thinks this is fun or hilarious.

“It all comes down to education. Please teach your kids, however old they are, that it’s not cool to burn things and it’s definitely not cool to throw stones at animals. They are breaking the law and they will be prosecuted when caught.

“All I can say is that Cardigan Town Council absolutely do not condone this sort of behaviour and work closely with the police in all issues around anti-social behaviour and we urge you to please report any acts to the police by dialling 101.

“We understand that it can be very intimidating when confronted by a gang of youths, so please, if you want to report anonymously, please contact myself or your local councillor. Get as much information as you can, clothing, hair colour, height etc. anything that will help to identify these people.”