NOT for Profit organisations operating for charitable purposes are now able to apply for a business grant of up to £10,000 following an update to the Welsh Government Covid-19 business grants scheme.

In March, the Welsh Government introduced two grants to support businesses in Wales administered by local authorities. So far Ceredigion County Council has approved 1,892 applications and paid out a total of £23.3 million.

Out of an estimated 3,000 total potentially eligible businesses across Ceredigion, 30 per cent of these are still yet to apply for the grant. Eligible businesses are urged to submit their applications by 5pm on June 30, the date when the grant scheme will come to an end.

Ceredigion cCouncil is urging businesses who are unsure if they’re eligible for the scheme to look at its ‘Support for Businesses’ page on the website under the main coronavirus page, and look at the business grants (local authority) section.

The council is currently working with Welsh Government to see what additional support will be made available to businesses that do not qualify for the support available currently.