THE alarm was raised last night (Thursday, May 14) following reports of an overturned boat at Mwnt.

An emergency call to the Coastguard saw the Cardigan team sent to the scene and Cardigan lifeboat crew was paged to launch and was directed to the craft by the on-looking coastguards.

It turned out to be an unmanned survey vessel.

A Coastguard spokesperson said: “The team we’re tasked to investigate reports of an upturned vessel near Mwnt.

“On arrival at Mwnt we had eyes on the craft and were able to direct the Cardigan Lifeboat D-Class inshore lifeboat crew on to the craft, which turned out on this occasion to be an unmanned survey vessel.

“The initial call to HM Coastguard by the member of the public was absolutely the right thing to do.”