A LOCAL pensioner has criticised Cardigan's mayor because he told her she could not go on the town's pensioners' outing.

"I am fuming about this. I have been on the trip several times before and this year I was told I couldn't go," said Esme Goulding. "It was a shame, it is a very good day out and I would have been pleased to pay for my seat."

But the mayor, Cllr Melfydd George says that Mrs Goulding lives outside the Cardigan boundary and so would not qualify to join the trip.

"It is correct that we could not take Mrs Goulding and some other pensioners. They live in Penparc and the trip is paid for by Cardigan Town Council and is only for people in the Parish of St Mary's," he said.

Cllr George added: "I am sorry for Mrs Goulding and I have explained to her that it is only available for people in Cardigan because it is the town's ratepayers who pay for it. People from Llechryd were asking to come as well, but we have to draw the line - if we started offering the trip to other areas, where would we stop?"

The council hired two buses and a minibus for a wheelchair for this year's trip. More than 60 pensioners enjoyed the outing, which cost the council about £1,000 for food and £300 for buses.

"Well, I and three of my friends have been several times before and we have such a good time. There were spare seats on the buses so I don't see why we couldn't go," said Mrs Goulding. "We would pay for our seats, but they don't want to know."

Cllr George said: "If Penparc pensioners want a trip perhaps Ferwig Community Council could organise one for them. I know they have been with us before but it just had not been picked up on in previous years that they were not from Cardigan."