1950s women will not have too long to wait until the next court hearing to consider the change to their State Pension Age.

It was announced on 18th February that the Court of Appeal will hear the case on 21st July. This hearing in a more senior court is crucial for the 5,000 women in Ceredigion who lost up to six years of the State Pensions they paid into all their working lives. The Pension Acts of 1995 and 2011 gave them very little notice of the changes and the effect on their financial position after the age of 60.

Last June a Judicial Review of the changes was heard in the High Court, led by lawyers acting for the Back To 60 campaign. After an unfavourable decision by the High Court in October, the next court up, the Court of Appeal, announced in January that it was willing to re-consider all the elements of the case. The date has now been set for 21st July.

“This is excellent news,” said Pamela Judge from Ceredigion WASPI. “The Court of Appeal was allowed twelve months to hear the case. 21st July is much earlier than we had feared. Let’s hope that the Appeal goes in our favour. Nearly four million women in the UK are struggling without the pensions they paid into. Their plans for retirement were shattered.”

Members of Ceredigion WASPI plan to inform as many of the women affected as possible, starting with information stalls at International Women’s Day events in early March.

They will be at the Small World Theatre, Cardigan, from 2.00pm – 6.00 pm on Friday 6th March and at the Arts Centre, Aberystwyth, on Saturday 7th March from 5.30 pm – 8.00 pm.

For more information about Ceredigion WASPI, email waspiceredigion@gmail.com or ring Carys Lloyd in MP Ben Lake’s office tel. 01570 940 333.