TWO recent accidents have triggered renewed calls to extend the 40mph speed limit on the A487 from Cardigan all the way out to Penparc.

Several letters have been received by Cardigan Town Council calling for action to be taken over the stretch of road and the corner at Myrtle Hill, known locally as ‘killer bend’.

The most recent accident saw a family in one of the cottages have a lucky escape after a car demolished the garden wall at the front of their property and a flying brick smashed through the lounge window, showering the area in glass where only moments before people had been sitting.

Just days earlier, a car smashed through a hedge and took out an electricity pole.

Thankfully, on both occasions, no-one was hurt but the incidents have raised fresh fears that it is only a matter of time before someone is killed or seriously injured.

Cllr Adams-Lewis said the town council had campaigned in the past to have a 40mph speed limit in place but that had been rejected.

“What I propose is that we write to the Welsh Government Minister responsible Ken Skates and Assembly Member Elin Jones and ask them to consider instating a 40mph limit from Caemorgan Road up to Penparc and to carry out the pavement scheme that was meant to have been done,” said Cllr Adams-Lewis.

“A 40mph limit is not too slow. It’s needed there as lorries travel back and forth from Cardigan Sand and Gravel and there is the recycling site as well. I think there is a strong argument for 40mph.”

Cllr Clive Davies wondered whether the accident statistics for the road would back up the demand.

“Drivers don’t stick to the limit as it is,” he added.

Councillors agreed to a letter being sent to Welsh Government which says: “Members earnestly request that the road speed limit of 40mph be extended from the Caemorgan Road junction to the village of Penyparc.

“With the recycling station junction on the left-hand side of the road and the MD Recycling and waste disposal park on the right-hand approach, heavy vehicles are constantly traversing this section of highway.

“As you may have noticed from the photographs and letters received from residents, the bend in the road at the Myrtle Hill section, with vehicles travelling at 60mph, has potential risk of fatalities – setting a limit of 40mph would reduce this peril to householders, cyclists and pedestrians.

“It is understood that your department is considering developing the pathway from the Caemorgan Road to Penyparc.

“This much needed development is now long overdue and positive action in this direction would be very much appreciated – there is further unease that the present 60mph limit is a danger to pedestrians and cyclists. The footpath would alleviate this potential risk to life and limb greatly.”