A SHOPLIFTER, who broke a door and spat in a police vehicle, spent two nights in the cells.

Oliver Evans, of no fixed abode, appeared from custody at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, February 4.

Evans, 27, pleaded guilty to damaging a door and police vehicle and theft from a shop.

The court heard that Evans stole £21.22 of groceries from Co-op stores, Newcastle Emlyn on February 2, before damaging an Adpar door belonging to the Care Society, Ceredigion, and then spitting in a police van rendering it unusable until it could be professionally cleaned.

Katy Hanson, defending, said Evans admitted the offences when interviewed.

“He says he has no recollection of going into the Co-op and taking a basket of items and walking out. He accepts he had been drinking.”

She added that Evans regularly used the shop and wished to apologise. The bench heard that the basket of goods was recovered.

Evans could not remember damaging a door when he called at his mother’s home in Adpar.

He was arrested, and accepted spitting on the floor of the police van because he had blood in his mouth.

Miss Hanson said: “He split up from his partner four months ago and does not have a fixed address. It has been a difficult time for him, but he is taking positive steps to put matters right.”

Magistrates took into account the time Evans had spent in custody as they imposed a six-month conditional discharge.

He was ordered to pay £200 compensation, £85 costs and a £21 surcharge.