THE future of the public toilets at Poppit Sands is still no clearer with local councillors feeling they have been left ‘in limbo’ and frozen out of any decisions.

The toilets are currently run by Pembrokeshire County Council but it is looking to pass on that responsibility to St Dogmaels Community Council – along with the toilets in the High Street car park – in a bid to cut costs.

However, the community council fears the financial implications of such a decision and the increase on the precept – and also the possible loss of the beach’s Blue Flag if the toilets were to close.

It is not even clear who owns the toilet block – with talks on-going between Pembrokeshire council officials and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the community council being left to sit and wait.

Cllr Jo Hutchings said: “We have heard nothing. I feel like we are in limbo. I am being asked if Poppit toilets will be closed in April and I cannot answer that.

“There is £100,000 in the Pembrokeshire County Council budget to prevent future toilet closures but that will probably not affect Poppit.”

Cllr Phil Hutchings said: “As time marches on it will not be that long until the season starts and tourists start coming down there.

“We still have no information as to who owns the toilets and it’s incredible that they cannot even decide that. I would imagine, until that is established, no-one can do anything.

“Any decision also puts the café in jeopardy as well.”

Cllr Melrose Thomas added: “We have not been given enough information or input. We asked to be in on the ground floor but again we have not and we have been left out.

“We know the area. With all due respect, the people in Haverfordwest don’t even come up here.”