WHAT an exhaustive letter Mrs Eluned Morgan posted.

Perhaps she should understand and respect the majority of Welsh people who voted to leave the EU, she like the majority of the Welsh Assembly seem to think it is their divine right to disregard the Welsh populace.

Perhaps the Welsh Assembly should concentrate on what the Welsh people really need, and that is a decent health service and help for businesses in Wales.

She makes a statement that the UK Government has so little regard for our nation, I think the Welsh Assembly has the same attitude towards the Welsh people, she forgets all the funding comes from central government and is supposed to be used for the people of Wales, I remember when millions was given in grants to this and the other, only for the businesses to fold after a few weeks or months, it that responsible, it would be nice for the WA to publish how much has been squandered on all of these projects that have failed.

She and fellow Remainers harp on about keeping peace in Europe, that is a non-issue today all of that was sorted at the end of WW2 and will never again trouble Europe, we will always have close ties with Europe but now we have freedom to forge our own path.


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