WOMEN pension campaigners in Ceredigion are to take their case to the House of Commons.

With the help of local MP Ben Lake, members of Ceredigion Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI) will join colleagues from all over the UK to run an information session for MPs at Westminster on March 4.

“It’s a new year with a new Parliament,” said Ceredigion WASPI co-ordinator Pamela Judge, who is organising the event.

“There are lots of new MPs who need to understand our campaign, and lots of old ones who need reminding that the injustice we have suffered has not gone away.

“The 5,000 WASPI women in Ceredigion are among some 3.8 million 1950s born women in the UK who have lost up to six years of the State Pensions we paid into.

“We are very fortunate that our MP supports us. Women in many other parts of the country are not so lucky.”

“I am delighted to help the WASPI women convey their message to MPs of all parties,” said Mr Lake, who will host the event.

“They worked all their lives and paid into the National Insurance Fund, believing they could retire at 60, only to have the goal posts moved at the last minute.

“This should not be a political issue; it’s about fairness. The social contract these women had with the welfare state was broken.

“I will be urging MPs of all parties from all over the UK to come and meet WASPI women from their constituencies at this event. We need to come up with a cross-party solution to help them soon.”

WASPI Ceredigion is part of a network of 77 local campaign groups that make up the national Women Against State Pension Injustice Campaign.

Visit waspicampaign2018.co.uk/ for more information.