FEARS over the effects of the introduction of 5G technology were highlighted at a meeting of Newcastle Emlyn Town Council.

Local residents Melissa Binet-Fauvel and Julia Deli voiced their concerns to councillors, arguing that a moratorium should be declared on rolling out 5G until further independent research has been carried out on its health implications for both human and animal life.

Mrs Binet Fauvel said: “We are not anti-technology but fear a massively increased exposure to electromagnetic radiation and what will be the cost to the environment?

“I feel it is a massive experiment. We can take no more and the young and old are particularly vulnerable. It affects everyone to different degrees.”

She said a global 5G protest day is taking place on January 25 and that various areas around the world had declared a moratorium on 5G roll-out, along with several councils in the UK.

She called on Newcastle Emlyn town councillors to follow suit, while also considering the offer to install a free WiFi system in the town.

Councillors thanked them for their presentation and will discuss the issue at a later date.