A WORKING party is to be set up in Cardigan to look at the possibility of harnessing the tidal power of the River Teifi to generate electricity.

The town council agreed to the move at its January meeting after a letter from former town mayor Wynne Evans encouraged the council to explore all possible options.

The idea was first muted last year – along with a declaration of a climate emergency – and now the council is to establish a group to draw up a feasibility study.

Cardigan mayor Cllr Shan Williams admitted the plans might seem ambitious but said: “This sort of scheme has to happen somewhere and if we have the desire, why not in Cardigan?

“We can all easily say it’s a good idea but then turn the page and not do anything. Let’s start looking at this seriously and why I don’t know where we would begin, we have to start somewhere.

“Tens of thousands of pounds must leave Cardigan every week in energy costs and that could be turned around, with the money spent staying in the local economy.

“It all fits in with the idea of the local energy club, growing the mid-Wales economy and with environmental considerations.”

Cllr Richard Jones said: “The expertise is out there and while such a scheme might have failed to get the go ahead in Swansea, why not here?”

Cllr Catherine Miles said there was nothing to stop a group looking at the idea and working with other organisations.

“We are looking at re-establishing the Teifi Estuary Management Board and we can bring in elements like this,” she said.

“It could also help towards flood prevention and bring into discussions with Natural Resources Wales.”