THE elderly and disabled face ‘an obstacle course’ to access the new Integrated Care Centre in Cardigan.

Cllr Sian Maehrlein told a meeting of Cardigan Town Council that in many places there was restricted visibility, lack of drop kerbs, no pavements and dangerous crossing places for people making their way to the new £24m centre.

“Whichever side you approach the centre from – either along from Aldi or from the Mwldan - there are problems,” said Cllr Maehrlein, who has had first-hand experience of the trouble people are facing in her role as a carer and support worker.

“Until you walk the route, I don’t think people actually realise what the problems are but I have been taken round by a resident from Maes Mwldan and he pointed out all the things that are wrong.

“There must be at least 50 hazards and that’s not good enough. It needs sorting out. I have been in touch with technical services at Ceredigion County Council to walk around with me so I can highlight what needs doing.

“It is already difficult enough to access the new site for many people given where it has been built and this just adds to it.”

The Tivyside accompanied Cllr Maehrlein early one morning and found a host of problems.

It started down the hill towards the Mwldan Theatre, where is it difficult for people to cross especially for those in a wheelchair, where visibility is often restricted by parked vehicles.

“A crossing has been promised there since 2012, from what I understand, but nothing has happened,” said Cllr Maehrlein.

A lack of dropped kerbs, a point where the pavement disappears on Gwbert Road, inconsiderately parked cars and crossing points at junctions and roundabouts where cars were often speeding past were all pointed out.

Cllr Maehrlein also highlighted a problem with the disabled access to the toilets at Victoria Gardens.

“A man ended up trapped there in his wheelchair as there are no dropped kerbs at either end of the toilet block and a car had parked on the dropped kerb in the middle of the pavement by the disabled access door,” said Cllr Maehrlein.