THE long-running saga of who is responsible for a piece of land that keeps flooding at Felinban in Cardigan and poses a danger to children is no nearer to being solved.

Cllr Sian Maehrlein first raised the issue back in December last year, saying that the water near the children’s playground got so deep during periods of heavy rain that she feared “it could claim a child’s life”.

Since that time, no-one has claimed ownership and at the latest meeting of Cardigan Town Council, Cllr John Adams-Lewis said he had finally got a response from the Land Registry in London but the answer was “very complicated”.

“The position is not straightforward at all and it appears that company names and numbers do no match up with the land and it is not clear at all which former company is entitled to the land.

“Basically, they don’t know in London.”

Cllr Maehrlein said the water was up to her knees when it rained and she had seen children playing there.

“Surely it is Ceredigion’s responsibility. I have watched them cutting the grass there and this needs sorting out,” she said.

Cllr Clive Davies said it might be possible to sort things out if Ceredigion County Council could purchase the land through the Crown Estate but he acknowledged it could take time and the issue had been dragging on for too long.