THERE are still teething troubles with the new waste and recycling collection service which was rolled out across Pembrokeshire last month.

St Dogmaels Community Council heard at its recent meeting that there were parts of the village that was still experiencing problems.

“The trouble is people don’t know the village and say it has been sorted but it has not. We won’t be happy until it’s 100 per cent right,” said county councillor Mike James.

Cllr Gill Wislocka was concerned about what to do with rubbish that was collected during litter picks around the village or on the beach.

“A lot of people just pick stuff up when they are out and about and we don’t want to lose that enthusiasm but because of the change in the rules, what do we do with that rubbish now?” she said.

“If we have nowhere to put it, we won’t do it. I don’t want to take 38 dog poos home that I have collected around the village.

“We do have grey county council waste bags but perhaps we need a new collection point.”

Cllr James said he would ask the county council for an answer.