WHO is responsible for a strip of land that keeps flooding near the playground at Felinban in Cardigan?

Now 12 months after the question was first asked, no-one, it seems, is any the wiser and the problem is back.

Cllr Sian Maehrlein first raised the issue back in December last year, saying that the water got so deep during periods of heavy rain that she feared “it could claim a child’s life”.

“It’s about two feet deep and if it were a pond it would be fenced off. It needs to be sorted out,” she said at the time.

But it appears there is little immediate prospect of that happening when at the November meeting of the town council Cllr John Adams-Lewis said ownership of the land has still not been sorted out.

“There is a lake there again and it is concerning with children in the area,” he said.

“The county council solicitor cannot find out who is responsible. We have now been in touch with people in London to try to find out. The county council owns the land by the hedge but not in the middle where it floods. It’s also not Tai Ceredigion’s responsibility.”

Cllr Maehrlein said: “The county council has planted trees there so they must own the land, surely?”