SOMETHING really does go bump in the night at the Penrallt Hotel in Aberporth!

The newly-refurbished hotel had a team of investigators from Cymru Paranormal Investigations and Research who visited the hotel just before it re-opened this August.

The team of ghostbusters has just released a report into its findings at the luxury country house hotel which dates back four centuries.

The group – who travelled from Cardiff to spend the night at the hotel – set up recording and video equipment throughout the building, including the below-ground cellar.

There have been many reports of ghostly incidents from former staff and guests including ghostly shadows flitting across the hall, doors slamming, wardrobe doors flying open in the middle of the night and “a presence” in one of the rooms.

The Cymru Paranormal Report reveals that investigators heard water running with no obvious source, recorded “movement” in the dining room, and observed “a man stood by furniture” in one of the bedrooms.

“We captured sounds on the many recordings we obtained, an area of interest was the side bar where two sounds were captured on two separate voice recorders. The entire team were called to debunk the findings and were unable to do so,” said investigators.

And they added: “The experiences of the team, along with the one scientific piece of evidence which remains unexplainable, tends to lend itself to some sort of paranormal activity going on at the location.”

Owner Jane Vale said: “During the refurbishment we went through the hotel from top to bottom. There’s a lovely atmosphere in the Penrallt and we guess if there are ghosts they are happy ones!”