CAN anyone help put names to faces in these three old school photos from the Cardigan area in the early 1960s.

Anthea Youens (nee Waterston) now lives in Bristol and recently dug out the pictures. She attended Ferwig and Penparc Primary Schools between 1961-63.

“My family lived both in Ferwig and Tremain as we were posted with RAF Aberporth,” said Anthea.

“My brothers and I all attended Cardigan Grammar as well. We left the area in 1964. We all enjoyed our time Cardigan.

“Photograph number one is Ferwig in 1961. I am second in on the back row. I am fairly sure the twins in the front were called Williams and the girl to my right was also a Williams I think? There was a big farming family of Williams in Ferwig.

“Photo number two is Penparc pupils when the school was near Aberporth 1962. I think the head was Mr Griffiths and deputy was Mr Jones. My RAF friend Susan is also in this photo.

“Photo number three is the newly-built Penparc Primary on the edge of Penparc perhaps 1962-63? I am on the second row at the end.

“My memory may be deceiving me but I think the girl at the end of the second row on left was called Mary; first boy on left back row I am fairly sure I remember as Bryn Williams (very lively!); thirdone in is Philip Dyer, next to him Shirley?; middle boy in the front row Glyn Williams maybe? This may have been our final photo before starting at Cardigan Grammar.

“If any of these pupils or their families still lives in the area they may be interested in looking at them and guessing who is who!”