PROBLEMS are still occurring around the recycling bins in the Mart car park at Newcastle Emlyn.

Small electrical items from the site have been thrown into the grounds of the neighbouring King George V playing fields, the latest meeting of the town council was told.

“The skip for the electrical items is so small that people often just end up leaving stuff on the ground and then the kids get hold of it and chuck it around on the playing fields and it is quite dangerous,” said Cllr Maureen Webley.

“Is it possible to move the skip or perhaps get a bigger one? There is always stuff piling up there such as old televisions, microwaves etc and it's not good.

“There is also the problem with glass being strewn around the site. When they come to empty the bins, glass does get smashed and it is not being swept up.”

Councillors are to contact Carmarthenshire County Council which is responsible for the site with their concerns.

Failure to put rubbish in the skips or dumping other waste their is viewed as fly tipping.