THE Met Office is forecasting hot weather for the whole of Wales this bank holiday weekend, so Age Cymru is urging older people to take a few simple steps to help keep safe and well in the heat.

The charity’s health initiatives officer Angharad Phillips said: “The most important thing is to keep hydrated by drinking little and often throughout the day. Water, milk and unsweetened fruit juice will all help to keep your blood pressure in check and so keep your heart from working too hard.

“It is also vital for older people to protect their skin, from sunburn as this can lead to severe burning and even skin cancer.

Wear loose fitting cotton or linen clothes and protect any exposed areas of skin with a high protection sunscreen of at least factor 30 UVA and UVB 4 star rating.

“It’s important for older people to protect their eyes, as direct sunlight can lead to eye damage such as cataracts, by wearing sunglasses that provide 100 per cent UV protection and a wide brimmed hat to provide additional cover.

“I would also urge people in the community to keep an eye out for older neighbours, family and friends to check that they are not becoming unwell in the heat, perhaps offer whether they need anything collected from the shops to save them from having to go out in the hot weather”

For more information about keeping safe in the heat visit:

Top Tips to Keep Safe in the Hot Weather

1. Check if your sun screen has expired: the bottle will either have a printed expiry date or a symbol displaying how many months it is safe to use it for after it has been opened.

2. avoid going out during the hottest part of the day which usually between 11am and 4pm

3. if you do have to leave home, keep an insulated flask of cold water with you

4. keep your home cool by closing curtains and blinds closed in rooms that catch the sun

5. switch off any electronic items in the home that you are not using as these can generate additional heat

6. Avoid too much strenuous activity during hot weather as our bodies are already working hard to regulate our temperatures

7. Place a bowl of ice or water in front of a fan to help cool the air.