TIVYSIDE Advertiser readers may have seen recent headlines that in Wales nearly 35,000 people at high risk of losing their sight are waiting too long for eye clinic appointments. This is a huge number, but what impact does this really have on people?

Well, we’ve spoken to a grandmother who will never see her new grandchild’s face. She’ll always wonder whether she might have seen it if she’d received treatment for her eye condition in time.

We’ve heard from people who feel anxious every time their post arrives because there could be a letter saying that their eye clinic appointment is delayed again.

Then there’s the young woman who worries whether her latest cancelled appointment could have been the one that saved her sight.

These stories are all too common.

To tackle this issue Welsh Government has brought in new measures to make sure people are prioritised based on their condition and risk of sight loss.

This is a great first step but now we really need to see health boards stepping up to support their staff to deliver these new measures and help save patients’ sight.

If you’re concerned, please contact your health board for advice or get in touch with the Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) based in your local eye clinic. To join our ongoing campaign or share your story to improve eye care services across Wales, get in touch with RNIB Cymru by calling 029 2082 8500 or emailing cymru@rnib.org.uk. For general advice call RNIB’s Helpline on 0303 123 9999.

Ansley Workman,

Director of RNIB Cymru