A NEW 15-home development near Cardigan has been hailed as a step forward to “changing people’s hearts and minds” when it comes to environmentally friendly and affordable housing for local families.

County councillor John ‘Cwmbettws’ Davies cut the first turf this week at the new Ty Solar development at Boncath, in north Pembrokeshire.

The ‘garden village’ being developed by Cilgerran-based Western Solar Ltd will include a total of 10 affordable homes plus shared garden space.

“This further roll out of new Ty Solar developments across West Wales is testament to the real value of Western Solar’s vision,” said Cllr Davies.

“What we have here is a genuine attempt to provide a local sustainable solution to local housing needs, climate change, affordable housing and at the same time economic opportunities in much valued employment.

“I am confident this new development in Boncath is just another small step in changing people’s hearts and minds to an environmentally and affordable way of housing for local families.”

And he added: “As the local councillor for the Ty Solar Company, I admire their tenacity and determination to provide a better way of living for the next generation.”

The new homes will produce their own electricity - twice the amount they consume - via solar panels and cut energy consumption to 12 per cent of a standard home, saving 40,000 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime equivalent to 250,000 trees. They will also include electric car charging points.

Western Solar CEO Glen Peters said: “More homes like these will help in the battle against climate change.”

All Ty Solar homes are locally manufactured in Brynawelon, North Pembrokeshire, built of Welsh timber, highly energy efficient and harness the power of the sun for both space heating and photo voltaic generated electricity.

The super structures are assembled on site in three days.