A LAST plea has been made to boat owners not to store their kayaks on the Pinog at St Dogmaels.

The area has gradually been tidied up and cleared of debris, old trailers and old boats by St Dogmaels Community Council.

But there is still an on-going problem with kayaks being left in an area which is classified as village green. There is particular concern that children might try to use the canoes and be swept out to sea.

The community council is using its powers to serve notice on the canoes and remove them from the site and dispose of them.

Cllr Phil Hutchins told a meeting of the community council: “Everything we served notice on before has been cleared. It is looking much better and we have had a number of positive comments.

“The only down side is that three more kayaks have now appeared but we have no knowledge who they belong to. Our only recourse is to serve notice on them to be removed.

“People are not taking any notice of the signs saying not to store kayaks there but it is a safety issue. We had an instance last year where an empty kayak was washed out on a high tide and caused a search for a possible missing person.

“We are asking people not to keep kayaks there and we want people to move them.”