A WORRIED St Dogmaels resident has spelled out her fears over the use of weedkiller in the village.

Helen Jenkins addressed a meeting of the community council to highlight her concerns over the spraying of glyphosate-based chemicals by highways authority Pembrokeshire County Council.

“I have serious concerns over the use of such weedkillers in St Dogmaels,” she told the meeting.

“There are issues over the cost, efficacy and health implications. In America, court cases have been brought against parent company Bayer, where glyphosate has been identified as carcinogenic.

“The EU has issued a licence for it until 2022 but many European countries and councils in the UK have taken steps to phase it out and look for alternatives.

“We should be looking to do the same. The village has the People’s Orchard project which encourages biodiversity and then PCC sprays the roads with a chemical known to have a negative impact on wildlife such as bees, worms, tadpoles etc.

“Pembrokeshire County Council spent £40,000 in 2017-18, which is five times more than the UK average.

“I think it is ineffective and wonder why they still spray. Would the community council consider withdrawing from PCC’s spraying programme given the projects we have going on in the village?”

The council is currently awaiting aa report on spraying from the county council.

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “Pembrokeshire County Council can confirm that it does use products containing glyphosate in treating weeds on highway and environment-related maintenance activity involving weed control.

“However, we are monitoring the situation regarding its use and we are examining the possible use of alternative products.”