I’VE been a cyclist in south Ceredigion for well over 30 years and in the main I have found drivers to be very considerate and careful of my presence on the road, for which I am very thankful.

I’ve often been stopped and asked for directions, because as a cyclist one is easily accessible to a passing motorist and is presumed to be familiar with the area.

Occasionally I’ve come near to serious injury when a driver has failed to see me, but these incidents are rare and accidental.

What are not accidental are the occasions when drivers, from the security of their cars, choose to verbally abuse and intimidate cyclists, who of course are inherently vulnerable fellow road users and well aware of their vulnerability.

I expect these drivers feel justified in doing so, because road rage always prompts a powerful feeling of self-righteousness, but when a driver directs abuse at a cyclist, bearing in mind the huge power imbalance, it is always an offensive and cowardly thing to do.

If, as a motorist, you have something to say to a cyclist, please make it civil.

Mr G Powell