TWO adults and a young child had to be rescued from rocks at Mwnt by Cardigan lifeboat after the kayaks they were in capsized.

The alarm was raised just after 4pm yesterday afternoon (Sunday, July 7) after the three people had set off from Mwnt beach in a couple of kayaks.

After rounding the corner, the female in one of the kayaks capsized. The man went to help her and he too capsized and all three managed to scramble out of the water and onto the rocks where they managed to raise the alarm.

Cardigan’s inshore lifeboat was paged at 4.04pm and launched at 4.15pm.

The three people were plucked from the rocks and taken round and landed on the beach at Mwnt, where coastguard teams from Cardigan and Moylgrove were waiting to help them. They were uninjured.

RNLI safety advice regarding kayaks says always take a means of calling for help as part of your kayaking kit and keep it on you, within reach, at all times. Also, always wear a correctly-fitted lifejacket or buoyancy aid.