A SIGNIFICANT amount of recyclable material has been diverted from landfill in Pembrokeshire thanks to a new recycling scheme, it has been revealed.

Since the beginning of June, residents taking general waste bags to the Pembrokeshire’s six waste and recycling centres have been asked to open them to see if any of the items inside are recyclable.

Cllr Cris Tomos, Pembrokeshire County Council’s cabinet member for the environment, said: “The amount of recyclable material coming out of the black bags is high.

“In fact, so much extra recyclable material had been collected at Winsel, Waterloo and Hermon that additional collections have been organised.”

And Cris praised the hard work of the staff. “They’ve been working very sympathetically with householders to sort out their waste and advise them on what can be recycled,” he said.

“We have had a small amount of negative comments, which is to be expected. On these occasions, upon opening the bags we found diabetic needles and asbestos, which we do not accept at WRCs.

“However, the overwhelming amount of feedback from people visiting all centres has been fantastic.”

Michael Harries, from the waste and recycling team, said the team have been surprised with the contents which people are placing in their black bags.

“We expected a lot of plastics but there were also a lot of clothes and electrical items in the bags – lamps, irons, kettles, toasters, and so on,” he said.

“All electrical items can be recycled at our centres, and all clothes – even rags.”

Cllr Tomos added that householders could help by sorting out their waste before arriving at the centres.

“If you’re not sure what can be recycled, then simply place the items loose in your vehicle, or if you prefer, in open containers, and our staff can advise you and let you know where the suitable recycling facilities are on the site,” he said.