A GROUP of youths, planning for some alfresco drinking on Aberporth beach, ended up taking part in a very expensive beach clean thanks to police.

Posting on Twitter yesterday, June 15, Cardigan police wrote: “Antisocial behaviour takes all forms, and underage drinking on public beaches is one of them... It won't be tolerated and it's a crying shame for everyone when your alcohol disappears into the sand... five bags of empties, please note the recycling we are encouraging the youth to use afterwards .”

Establishing the youths were underage was far from difficult, Cardigan police later said.

“There were two lots of youths. The older ones having finished their GCSE year - 15/16 year olds."

Police said establishing none were legally allowed to drink the booze didn't exactly require the detective skills of Sherlock Holmes.

“Funny thing was, many were wearing their school leavers 2019 tops; not the best thing to wear when trying to bluff you’re 18 without ID.”