IT may not be a case of game over just yet for Newcastle Emlyn and Adpar Tennis Club.

The historic club, which can trace its origins back to 1878, looked set to fold as interest has significantly declined in recent years.

It currently has no playing members and the three courts are falling into disrepair.

In a last-ditch attempt to save it, a public meeting was held at Cawdor Hall last week to see if anyone was interested in trying to revive its fortunes.

Now, following that meeting, one final bid will be made to keep it going.

There is interest in forming a new group and several people have been involved in tidying up the courts.

A club spokesman said: “We will meet with this group again shortly to discuss more specific plans about resurfacing or possible future collaboration with football club.”

The club was buoyant in the early-mid 2000’s - LTA affiliated - with a membership of around 60, regularly playing matches and with a thriving junior section and coach.

Anyone interested in helping revitalise the club can go on the Newcastle Emlyn and Adpar Tennis Club Facebook site or email