A REQUEST for free parking for Cardigan swimming pool users has fallen on deaf ears.

Cardigan Town Council asked Ceredigion Council to provide several free parking bays to encourage pool use but a reply from the county said: “No concessions are afforded in car parks for users of leisure facilities.

“The trustees can pursue the option of applying for a licence at a charge determined by the county council’s fee and charges legislation.”

“Every other pool in Ceredigion has free parking,” said Cllr Shan Williams. “Cardigan is the only pool where you have to pay to park.”

“Can we not raise that question that other pools have spaces? We are not asking for the whole car park, just a few spaces,” said Cllr Steffan Morgan.

Cllr Catrin Miles said a review of Ceredigion’s leisure services was currently being undertaken “so now might be a good time to raise this issue. It has been said before that this is not a level playing field.”