THE cost of carrying out improvements to Cardigan’s skatepark has been called into question by the town’s mayor.

Two specially-adapted concrete benches to be ridden on by skateboarders will cost £4,140, while a heavy duty litter bin will add a further £363.54 to the bill.

The work is being funded by a National Lottery grant but Cardigan mayor Cllr John Adams-Lewis questioned whether it was value for money at a meeting of the town council.

“We have to spend any money we have responsibly,” he said. “I think it is terrible we are going to spend that amount of money. It may be grant money and not from our budget, but someone, somewhere, is paying for this.

“I am not in favour of paying £4,000 for two concrete benches. The benches should be gold-plated at this price. We need to be sure that we have had more than one quote on this and I am against paying it.”

Town clerk Wynford Jones said that the money allocated from the Lottery for the skatepark had to be spent by the end of this month or it would be lost.

Other councillors agreed that the money should be spent.

“The money has been approved and we cannot spend it on anything else. If we have the money, we should move forward,” said Cllr Graham Evans.

“These are not simply park benches. They are enormous things.”

Cllr Steffan Morgan agreed, adding: “It is expensive but this is specialist equipment and we are not experienced in skateboarding equipment.”

Cllr Yvonne O’Neill said: “It is a lot of money but it will not wear out and if we have a grant available, if we don’t use it for that specific purpose, then we will lose it.”

Councillors voted in favour of approving the work.