A POTHOLED road in Newcastle Emlyn should be the responsibility of the county council to repair.

That was the message from town councillors at their recent meeting when they discussed the state of the road at the back of Cawdor Terrace, alongside the mart.

Cllr Hazel Evans said: “The county council say it’s the mart operators responsibility but it was not in a good state when it was handed over and they (the mart) can’t stop traffic travelling along it.

“Therefore, why should the mart have to pay for it? Trailers and lorries using the mart don’t use that road and as it’s a public right of way so it’s up to the county council to sort it out.”

Councillors also heard that repairs were being carried out by the county council to pavements in the town that had been damaged by lorries and cars taking to the footpaths to squeeze past one another along the main street or motorists simply parking on pavements.

It was suggested that rather than replacing broken slabs, it would be better to lay thicker concrete as the slabs would only need to be replaced again in the near future.