CONCERNS have been raised over the safety of a stretch of road outside Cardigan.

Cllr Catrin Miles told a meeting of Cardigan Town Council that she feared someone would be killed or badly injured on the A478 just off the Ridegway roundabout.

“There has been another accident there recently where a car came off the road,” she said.

“The bollards along the road are not strong enough to prevent a vehicle coming off and there is then a big drop down into the fields.

“So many large lorries use the road. You have to move right across to avoid them and it’s a miracle that no-one has died there. We have complained before as a lorry has gone over there and someone with a trailer as well.

“It’s a big drop and plastic bollards aren’t the answer. Solid barriers are needed all along there. It would be a terrible thing if someone was badly hurt or killed.

“It is not classed as a trunk road so I will be asking Ceredigion County Council to have another look at it.”