INTERNATIONALLY-renowned artist Eloise Govier, from Cenarth, is exhibiting a new collection of works at the Queen Street Gallery, Neath.

The exhibition is called ‘Committed’ and takes the viewer from village to city, from coast to industry, to the borders and bridges of Wales.

Featured places include Aberystwyth promenade and seafront, Port Talbot washing lines and rooftops emerging from a haze of smoke, the iconic little Italy of Wales–Portmeirion, Mwnt beach, Goggerddan garage and the Preseli Mountains.

Eloise has spent much of her life painting the Welsh landscape. Exhibitions include ‘The Bridge that Floods’, ‘The Swan House’, ‘Wales in Colour’, and now ‘Committed’ - all of which have captured local scenes and demonstrate her commitment to painting the Welsh landscape.

She said: “Initially I was mainly interested in capturing the area I grew-up in, but over the years I have become very interested in the idea of community and how that plays out in different areas in Wales.

“Port Talbot is a particularly captivating place, it’s one of the few places today where you can see community and industry side-by-side in close proximity and it’s an important place that should be recognised by the arts community”.

Her vivid and unmistakable paintings and drawings capture dynamic landscapes in action; emotional and imaginative colours infuse the scenes with mood and sentiment.

Her work has been filmed by the BBC and S4C and she has been described as being “one of the most dynamic artists to emerge from Britain” (Sarah Jane Absalom) and as “heir apparent to Sir Kyffin’s legacy” (Robin Turner, Western Mail).

She added: “Everyone reacts to paintings, everyone has an opinion, some people get quite emotional about them; sometimes it is what you are capturing - that a place means something special to them - and sometimes it is the way you’ve painted it, they love the colour and optimism and want that in their daily lives”.

Since 2008 Eloise has exhibited both nationally and internationally, she has exhibited in galleries in Japan, Amsterdam, Spain, Berlin, and London.

Her work has also been celebrated beyond the traditional galleries, through collaborations with the AT-Bristol Science Centre and London Morgan - the creators of bespoke cars.

“It was great working with London Morgan, they have a keen eye for detail and the passion they have for their craft has yielded an impressive legacy. I was really proud to be asked to exhibit my works alongside their cars at the Kensington showroom,” said Eloise.

A performance at the Carl Legien UNESCO Protected Modernist Housing Estate in Berlin, and activist work regarding plastic in the rivers in 2015 led to collaborations with the Arts and Humanities Research Council Power and Water project and a second exhibition at the Welsh Assembly called ‘Belonging to the Landscape’, which was endorsed by Welsh Labour AM for Mid and West Wales Joyce Watson.

Eloise will be giving an artist’s talk at the Queen Street Gallery, Neath on Saturday, April 27 from 2pm-4pm. All are welcome. The exhibition is open Wednesday-Saturday 10am-4pm until May 4.