PLAID Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards asked “who could possibly say that Westminster works for Wales?” at the latest Prime Minister Questions in the House of Commons.

Mr Edwards asked the question after Theresa May invited Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to jointly develop a Brexit plan, leading to the resignation of the junior Wales Office Minister, Nigel Adams.

The Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP asked the Prime Minister: “The British Government is in meltdown. Westminster is dysfunctional. The Wales Office this morning lost its fourth Minister in a year.

“Who could possibly say that Westminster works for Wales?”

The Prime Minister responded by saying that funding had been made available to Wales and it was the Labour Government in Wales which was failing to deliver, noting missed A&E targets.

Following PMQs, Mr Edwards said: “Wales has been ignored at every turn. The only time Westminster seems to mention Wales is when a project is being cancelled, funds cut or powers grabbed.

“The Brexit process has laid bare the broken politics of Westminster. The three smaller nations of the British union have been largely ignored by the British state. The needs of Ireland, on the other hand, has been central to the negotiating strategy of the European Union.

“Fundamentally, we have learned that Westminster will never put the interests of Wales first. We simply can no longer trust the British state with the future of our nation.”