THERE is still no clear as to who is responsible for a strip of land in Cardigan which regularly floods and poses a risk to young children.

The danger posed to youngsters by the 'pool' which gathers at Felinban was originally raised by Cllr Sian Maehrlein at a town council meeting before Christmas but still no-one knows who should be dealing with it.

Cardigan Mayor Cllr John Adams-Lewis told February’s meeting of the town council: “Neither Tai Ceredigion nor Ceredigion County Council say they are responsible and more work is being done to try to find out who owns it.

“I know there was a letter written to the Tivyside saying who they thought owned it but I’m afraid it is not that simple. It is so complicated unfortunately but something needs to be done.

“There is half a metre of water and young children are playing there.”

The county council has recently planted four trees very nearby – but on land which they own.