THE identification of possible development sites in St Dogmaels has been slammed by the village’s community council.

Pembrokeshire County Council is drawing up a list of potential candidate sites as part of the new Local Development Plan which will be adopted in 2021 and will influence building and planning policy in the county until 2033.

But members of St Dogmaels Community Council raised several concerns over the suitability of many of the potential sites identified in the village.

“We have a major capacity and flooding issue across the main road where the culvert runs and yet Pembrokeshire County Council want to put more properties in this catchment area,” said Cllr Gill Wislocka.

“They will be putting more houses where we already have major flooding problems and the idea of more properties upstream from here is ridiculous.”

Cllr Elfyn Rees argued that planners in Pembrokeshire “had a lack of knowledge about the village”.

“Many of these possible developments are at the end of single track roads where there are no pavements,” he said.

“They have poor access along dangerous roads and we will just be creating even more problems with traffic and parking issues. Furthermore, the drains and sewers cannot handle this. This will affect the whole village.”